Classic Massage

Classic Massage

At La Thérapie, we believe in the well-being and holistic health benefits massage can provide. Massage facilitates the flow of vital energy and restores motion to joints and muscles. Each La Thérapie massage is tailored to meet your every need. Sweet soothing tones will start your journey into relaxation, followed by a lavender eye pillow and warm heat pack. Our highly experienced technicians will be sure to erase away all your stress and tension.

** NOTE: We do not perform any massage treatments on women in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Fire & Ice Massage
Some like it hot, some like it cold, why not a little of both? Enjoy this perfectly balanced full body treatment featuring a multi-sensory warm oil candle massage. Take home your candle at the end of your journey, creating another opportunity for pampering.
50 Minute $91, 65 Minute $110

Rosemary MuscleMelt Massage
You can have your massage & a mini facial too! Melt away stress & tension with a full body dry brush treatment followed by a relaxing massage. We’ll ease the tension in your face, too, with a facial cleansing massage, toner and finishing moisturizer perfect for all skin types.
65 minutes – $95

Relaxation Massage
Breath deep, then release. Feel the tension ease away? The Relaxation Massage can increase that feeling sevenfold. Our therapists use gentle to moderate pressure in this full body Swedish style massage that focuses on increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.
50, 65, 80 minutes – $75, $95, $110

Therapeutic Massage
This hurts-so-good massage is perfect for repeat knots in muscles and tension pain in the neck and back. Deep tissue in nature, our therapeutic massage targets the areas you feel need a little bit of special attention, releasing pressure and stress.
50, 65, 80 minutes – $85, $105, $120

Lavender Signature Massage
A complete sensory experience, this massage will calm your mind and soothe your tired body. Warm aromatic pack will ease away tension, while lavender essential oils are massaged into the skin for optimum absorption. This massage also includes lavender paraffin infusion for feet. Perfect way to slow down after a hectic work week.
65 minutes – $98

Massage for Two
Share a relaxation massage with your significant other, your best friend, mother, or sister. Relax and unwind, side by side, in your own private enclave.
50 minutes – $160

Mother to be Massage
Put those tired feet up and indulge yourself in this gentle massage perfected for expectant mothers. Recommended after the first trimester, this massage will ease your sore back and soothe your stressed body.
50 minutes – $85

Neuromuscular Massage
If you suffer from chronic pain, this massage will provide relief. Neuromuscular massage is performed at a moderate speed, releasing tissue layers from superficial to deep, allowing endorphins to rush through the body to speed healing of acute and chronic pain. The use of thumbs, fingers, elbows, and pressure bars with minimal massage oil helps to enhance the function of joints and muscles.
25, 50 minutes – $50, $90

La Thérapie Hot Stone Journey
The combination of the warmth and weight of the smoothed stones eases away tension of the muscles in this river journey. Flat, rounded basalt stones are placed along the spine, stimulating the body’s energy channels. Feel your muscles melt as a therapist glides smaller stones along your limbs, increasing circulation and warming you to the core.
65, 80 minutes – $105, $125

Foot Reflexology
This ancient therapy combines pressure point massage of the soles with the Chinese belief that all vital organs are connected to the feet by invisible pathways. Reflexology can provide targeted energy release and healing for the whole body, including insomnia and stress relief.
25 minutes – $45

Sandalwood Hair and Scalp Conditioning
Treat your head to a massage, too. Our pure luxury oil with the essences of sage, lime, and sandalwood will hydrate and condition your hair and scalp, all the while releasing unwanted tension in the head and neck.
25 minutes – $45

EXTRA THÉRAPIE – 15 minutes

PerfectSense™ Paraffin Infusion – $20

AVEDA Blue Oil Head and Scalp Conditioning – $17

Reflexology – $17

Aroma Sensory Therapy (no extra time) – $7