About Our Team

About our Team

The members of La Thérapie take tremendous pride in sharing their talent, vision and knowledge, helping each guest bring their unique style to life. Our expert team of Aestheticians, Massage Therapists, Nail Technicians and CoolSculpting Team Leads are passionate about health, fashion, and beauty. Our goal is to provide the perfect balance of nurture and nature throughout every treatment you enjoy.

Our Guest Services team prides themselves on fulfilling guests’ needs through excellent customer care. Their dedication and focus begins at the initial greeting, is maintained throughout your visit, and concludes in making sure that you leave completely satisfied.

Our Aestheticians specialize in helping clients achieve their best skin by using the latest in restorative and rejuvenating techniques. They also strive to educate and instruct clients on proper skincare and overall skin health. Their goal is to provide each client with a unique experience, tailored specifically to his or her individual needs.

Our Massage Therapy team consists of highly qualified Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists. Our team works with clients to understand and address issues of chronic tension in the body and the relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage.

Our Nail Experts understand the importance of perfectly groomed and cared for fingers & toes. Through natural nail care they will help you achieve the healthiest, most beautiful nails you’ve ever had.

Don’t take our word for it!

“I love the whole experience. And I don’t say that out of lack of creativity or because I’m indecisive, but to me, the beauty in a good facial or spa service is how all of the moving parts come together to create one harmonious experience, like beautifully orchestrated song. If the welcome isn’t warm at the front desk or if the facility isn’t clean, if the technician isn’t skilled or the products aren’t effective, then the notes are off key, melody is off and its more noise than music,. For me, it’s a complete spa experience, a memory and just like a great song, I want to hear it again and again.”